A history of Ohio's amusement ride and fair accidents

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Ohio State Fairgrounds will have more investigators today then riders because all rides are shut down today.  The accident from Wednesday, that killed one and injured several others, has brought questions of, "how often does this happen." The fortunate answer is, not often. Here is a historical look at some of the most recent fair and amusement park accidents that caused death or injuries.

2015 Cedar Point: Raptor

It was Thursday August 13th when 45-year-old James A. Young, II of East Canton was riding the Raptor roller coaster when he lost some personal items during the ride. After getting off, police say Young jumped a fence into a restricted area and tried to retrieve his items.That's when he was struck by the Raptor train killing him. The ride was inspected and found to be operable and the accident was blamed on Young.

2014 Cedar Point: Skyhawk

At the time it was the world's tallest swing ride at 125 feet. On a July night at about 10:00 PM a cable on the ride disconnected and hit two riders. The injuries were minor with one person treated at the scene and released and another taken to the hospital for evaluation. Both riders survived.

2013 Cedar Point: Shoot the Rapids

It was August of 2013 when a boat of seven people rolled back down the lift hill on the Shoot the Rapids water ride. One person was treated at a local hospital and six others were treated by Cedar Point EMS staff.

2006 Kings Island: Son of Beast

One of the largest wooden roller coasters developed a problem on the track when one of the rails splintered and developed a bump. 27 people were treated for minor injuries including whiplash.

2003 Lake County Fair: Scooter 

At the Lake County Fair an 8 year-old, Grayson Yoe, touched a rail while waiting for the Scooter bumper car type ride. The severe shock lead to his death almost a month later. Three people, including two State of Ohio Inspectors, were charged and sentenced for not properly inspecting the ride which wasn't properly grounded according to the Daily Jeffersonian.

2002 Ohio State Fair: Re-Mix Ride

Two riders had their car detach from the ride and fall giving them minor injuries. The accident was blamed on a failing weld on the arm of the ride according to Coaster Buzz.

2001 Medina County Fair: Steam Tractor

A massive steam tractor explosion killed five and injured several others. A lawsuit for those killed says the tractor, a 1908 Case 110 steam tractor, was poorly maintained and that the defendants should have known of its dangers.

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