Lorain mother invites camera inside home police deemed 'deplorable'

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - A Lorain mother is out on bail after being arrested on child endangerment charges.

Officers called child services after they said they found Quinn Washington's eight kids living in "deplorable" conditions. Washington invited Cleveland 19 into her home Wednesday to tell her side of the story.

Cleveland 19 didn't get to see her kids because they're being taken care of by their grandma right now, but cameras were inside the home.

"This is how my house as-is," said Washington. "This is how my house looked when they came."

Walking around her home, Washington was emotional as she spoke about her children.

"I'm sorry. My kids mean to the world to me. It's always been me and them," she said through tears.

Washington said the way her home looked Wednesday was exactly the way Lorain police saw her home Monday, when they deemed it deplorable. The incident began when a neighbor called police, so officers stopped by for a welfare check.

When officers arrived, Washington's 12-year-old daughter was watching her seven younger siblings, ranging in age from 1 to 10, while Washington was at work.

"I decided to take the position because school is coming and I have a fifth child going to school," she said.

Officers said inside the home they found kids going to the bathroom on the floor. The officer also reported seeing a toddler with drooping diaper.

"They said my son was covered in feces. He was asleep. He wasn't covered in feces. He was asleep," Washington said.

Police also said they smelled rotten milk and saw moldy food in the sink and fridge. When Cleveland 19 News walked around Washington's home Wednesday, there wasn't a noticeable odor.

Officers also reported bugs in Washington's bed.

"Do you see anything moving? My house isn't nasty. My kids weren't living in a nasty house," she said.

Cleveland 19 News didn't see anything moving in the bed, but we did see a lot of fruit flies in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Washington admits, with eight kids at home, it's always cluttered, but she does her best to keep it clean.

All she wants is for her kids to come back home.

"They told me I won't have my children for at least six months. That's why I haven't been at my house, because I can't imagine being here, living here, sleeping here day to day without my children," Washington said.

Washington rents the home, so there was a maintenance worker at her home fixing the sink and floor the day police came. She said the day after she went to jail, she passed a Section 8 housing inspection.

Washington was in court Thursday for her arraignment.

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