Hough neighborhood resident demands business clean up

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Many Clevelanders still remember the Hough neighborhood riots that almost destroyed the community in the 1960s.

Since then, high-priced homes have been built and now their owners are demanding businesses clean the neighborhood up.

Some well-meaning people living in Hough are complaining about the fact that some businesses don't take care of their properties properly.

Ron Calhoun is fed up with seeing eyesore businesses in Hough that don't maintain their properties.

"I love Hough. I invested in it. I built a house in it and I want it to get better," said Calhoun. "I think it disrespects the community and I think it's a type of neglect. They just want to receive the money, take the goods, profits from the business and not invest in the community."

That's why Calhoun posted in an online neighborhood site called Nextdoor Hough. It informs members about things happening in the community.

Calhoun added, "If the community steps up and says it's an issue, it's taken care of, but our community seems to don't care."

Calhoun posted in several places, including a gas station at East 79th Street and Chester Avenue. The grass has not been cut. Weeds are thigh high and the shrubs appear not to have trimmed all season. There are several other cites that are eyesores too, including a muffler store at East 55th and Superior and the Old Richmond Brothers factory that has been blighting the community for decades.

"If businesses don't keep up their facades very well it doesn't serve us well in the community. It doesn't give us a good image."

Cynthia Mumford also lives in Hough, more than 20 years.

Mumford said, "We want to draw people and businesses in Cleveland and into our neighborhood and how we depict ourselves and how business depict themselves in our community plays a big impact on that."

During the interview being conducted by Cleveland 19 News outside this gas station at East 79th and Chester, a man named Raj came out told us his boss just bought the place four days ago.

"Just now I called my boss about this. So, he told me find somebody and clear everything. Tell the people we'll take care of it. So if we come back in a couple weeks, yeah, yeah," Raj said.

To be fair, lots of Hough residents haven't displayed the kind of pride and respect the community deserves. As Calhoun and Mumford said, don't just accept anything, demand better and you'll get better.

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