Cleveland cop found not guilty in death of unarmed teen

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland cop was found not guilty of negligent homicide on Friday. Cleveland Police Officer Alan Buford was on trial for negligent homicide in the killing of Brandon Jones.

The shooting happened in March 2015 when Buford and his partner Gregory King responded to a report of a break-in at the Parkwood Grocery. They confronted Jones with guns drawn as he was leaving the store with a bag of stolen items. As the officers arrested him, Buford fired his service weapon, hitting Jones in the chest.

Jones was unarmed during the incident. Buford showed little emotion in the packed courtroom as the the judge read the verdict after explaining the hours worth of testimony in the case and all the evidence basically points to Buford doing what he was trained to do when he fired the shot that killed Jones.

Buford maintains when they confronted Jones coming out of the store with stolen goods he put up a struggle which led to Buford pulling the trigger.

Jones mother, Tanya Brown is beside herself demanding there is no justice.

"My thoughts is I knew he wasn't going to be found guilty. I prayed and wished for better," Brown said, adding, "he got a slap on the wrist."

Buford's attorney, Henry Hilow, said of course his client has remorse which is natural anytime there's loss of life.

"We're glad for Officer Buford this has been a nightmare he's endured throughout the case and we look forward to him returning to his job of serving and protecting the community," Hilow said.

It's not over quite yet, however, a civil trial is pending in federal court. No comment from either side on what impact Friday's decision might have on that case.

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