Uniontown police officer, shot 4 times, released from hospital

UNIONTOWN, OH (WOIO) - Uniontown police Sgt. David White was released from the hospital Monday morning after being shot several times during a domestic disturbance call.

Sgt. White, who underwent several surgeries because of his injuries, has been at Summa Akron City Hospital since the July 9 incident.

The officer was shot four times while responding to a domestic incident. Ryan Probst, 28, opened fire on Sgt. White and another officer. Police returned fire on Probst and fatally injured the suspect.

Sgt. David White credits a lot of people for saving his life.  He knows how blessed he is be be able to get up out of bed and put one foot in front of the other.

The grateful 25 year police veteran sang the praises of Summa Health for their quick lifesaving actions.

"They whisked me out and into OR within minutes and was already working on me. I was alert the whole time until they knocked me out in OR," White said.

After several surgeries, the question of the hour is how is he doing?

"His recovery will be his building up strength and working with nutrition to get him optimized. He has made a lot of recovery already in terms of the healing that needs to be done internally.  Now, it's the muscles and him getting back into life," Dr. Nash of Summa Health in Akron said.

Now that he's going home what is the first thing he intends on doing?

"Pet my dog.  I've talked to her on the phone. She wines and cries and looks around for me. So, I'm going to pet her when I get home," White said.

Uniontown police officers have responded to Probst's home before for several other domestic disturbance calls. Probst does have a criminal history.

"(Domestic violence calls are) probably one of the most dangerous calls you can get, because either one (of the subjects involved), they can turn on you, that's why we always send two, that's the standard most departments use is to send two officers to every domestic," said Uniontown Police Chief Harold Britt.

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