Ohio Representative Tom Patton to run for Congress seat

Rep. Tom Patton running for Renacci's Seat

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Ohio State Representative Tom Patton has declared that he will run for a seat in Congress in the upcoming election.

Sources confirmed to Cleveland 19 News reporter Paul Orlousky that Patton will seek to fill Representative Jim Renacci's seat in Congress when he vacates during his campaign for Ohio governor.

The Republican state representative serves Ohio House District 7, and is based out of Strongsville. He served as a state representative from 2003 to 2008, as a state senator from 2008 to 2016, and took seat as a state representative again in Jan. 2017.

In March, U.S. Representative Renacci declared that he is running for Ohio governor. Tom Patton said he's been considering running for the House ever since Renacci announced he would not run.

"I owe this to my children and grandchildren because the world my parents gave me was a far better world and I'm about to turn around and give to my kids," Patton said.

Those are words many parents echo. But with gridlock and outright rancor in Washington nearly paralyzing progress what can he do?

He cites his experience in Columbus beginning in 2003 as a member of the General Assembly, followed by eight years in the Senate, for a time as majority whip, and as a term limited senator his return to the assembly.

Patton is known as a man willing to cross the aisle.

"Bi-partisan bills are always the best bills cause everybody feels good about it, so if you arrive at something where you can only get three quarters of a loaf, it's better than no loaf," Patton said.

Patton is well aware of the "my way or the highway" atmosphere that exists in Washington today and is not naive enough to think it will be easy.

"There's a lot of stuff that's wrong in Congress and I don't think that one person can necessarily make a difference. It's much like the aircraft carrier.  To try and turn around. It's gonna take a while to turn it around because it's only if you get everybody to turn in the right direction," Patton said.

Patton is not the only candidate for the seat State Representative Christina Patton was the first to announce back in April.  Also running is a man named Darrell Hartman.

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