How to motivate your kids to get that last minute summer reading done

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - During the summer it can be hard to motivate children to read, or keep up with all the learning they did during the school year. But it's not too late to prevent the summer slide.

"When students aren't in to the routine of reading and writing and doing their math facts every day they tend to forget or lose a lot," said Beachwood City School's Director of Curriculum, Linda LoGalbo.

She says testing done at the end of the year, and again at the beginning of the year measures that dip, which isn't negligible.

"One way that families can help alleviate that dip is to continue those activities at home, having a good rule of thumb is for your child to read or be read to for about 30 minutes each day as part of your bedtime routine," she said.

To keep kids in the swing of things, find opportunities within your daily routines for kids to practice math facts and skills.

"I don't recommend sitting down and drilling and having kids do flash cards and work sheets during the summer. I think you need to find ways to incorporate it into playing board games, when kids are playing with dice, or playing card games," LoGalbo said.

She says even if your kids haven't done anything all summer long, it's never too late to pick up where they left off.

And for those students at a higher math level, Beachwood says they have summer work on their website, like math work sheets for them to use to keep their skills fresh for upcoming advanced courses.

Getting kids to finish their summer reading requirements can also be tough.  But there are things you can do as a family to help them get it done.

Quiet reading time can be a tough sell come summer vacation. But most school aged children have summer reading requirements they've got to get done before the start of school.  So how can you motivate them to crack open the books?  Linda LoGalbo with Beachwood City Schools says it helps to map it out with them.

"If you have a 300 page book, you want to be reading at least 30-40 pages a night, so you can get it done in time with two weeks left until the start of school," said LoGalbo.

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