Trial continues for man accused in the death of an Ohio State Highway patrolman

The case of a man, accused in the death of an Ohio State Highway patrolman, is going into week two.
It was Sept. 15 of last year when Trooper Kenneth Velez was killed while he was out of his car conducting routine traffic enforcement on Route 90 at the Cleveland-Lakewood border.
Joshua Gaspar, 37, is facing several charges including vehicular homicide. In court on Monday he watched and listened intently as the prosecution calls one witness after another. Perhaps the most compelling testimony coming from Lakewood Police Sergeant, Tim Schad, one of the first on the scene.
"The scene was relatively chaotic initially," Schad said.  
As the video from his body cam played out in the courtroom from the moment he arrived on the scene he explained to the jury what was going on. He said as soon as he realized Velez was being cared for by paramedics he knew what he had to do next which included securing the scene and collecting information from witnesses before they left.
He also wanted to make sure the driver who hit Velez was still there, along with the car, and was relieved to find that was the case.
Also on the stand, Dr. Joseph Felo, the chief deputy from the Medical Examiner’s office who went into painful detail regarding the deadly injuries Velez sustained consistent with getting hit by a car.
Still to be sorted out is if Gaspar was under the influence as prosecutors allege he had taken a dose of methadone before the crash and his attorneys argue it was administered by his doctor and did not impact his ability to drive. If convicted, Gaspar can get 8 to 16 years behind bars.
For now he is free on bond. 

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