Rock-solid bond between Stark County deputy and 7-year-old boy

Rock-solid bond between Stark County deputy and 7-year-old boy

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - A 7-year-old and a Stark County Deputy have a bond neither will forget, it's rock-solid.

"We started in April, it's just a random act of kindness," said mom Holly Cugini.

Cugini and her kids started painting rocks to show officers how much they appreciate their service. 

"It brightens someone's day," Zander said.

When they spotted a cruiser in front of them in the Taco Bell drive-through, Zander got an idea.

"I said, mom can I have a rock and give it to the police officer?" Zander said.

"He comes up to me and says, thank you for everything you do, and we love you. Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a stone. He says I want to give this to you, then he hands it to me," Joshua Vacha said.

A small token of appreciation that left a big impact.

"As soon as I saw the stone my heart melted," Vacha said.

On Tuesday it was Vacha's turn to surprise Zander.

"This is a coin from the Stark County Sheriff's Office," Vacha handed over the present.

Vacha said it will be a constant reminder that at the core, people are good.

"That stone that he gave me, I'm going to be carrying it with me my entire career," Vacha said.

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