Pro Football Hall of Fame festivities promise big bucks to local economy

Football fans in Canton for the weekend. (Source: WOIO)
Football fans in Canton for the weekend. (Source: WOIO)

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - The Hall of Fame Festivities mean big bucks for Stark County and Northeast Ohio. But just how much money comes in to the local economy because of the events?

The Hall of Fame Enshrinement and associated activities are the official kick off to the NFL season. Seven new members will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and tens of thousands of fans are expected on campus throughout the week.

Chief of Staff, Pete Fierli says there are 17 community events planned over the course of a two week span, including a parade, game, concert and enshrinement ceremony.

Hall of Fame Enshrinement Weekend Events

"The economic impact is huge. It's about $40 million just to Stark County alone. And then the impact is far reaching, well beyond Stark County. To the state it pushes about $65 million in economic impact in just that two week period," Fierli said.

He says the players who are being enshrined each year and the teams playing in the Hall of Fame Game to play a part in how many people travel to participate.

"Last year we thought we brought all of Green Bay for Brett Favre. This year we'll have a lot of Cowboys fans. They're in the game and Jerry Jones, their owner, is getting enshrined," Fierli said.

Fierli says it's now become such a national event that fan bases from all over the country are traveling to be part of the festivities, and contribute to the local economy.

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