Teen crashes car into a house in Euclid

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - A joyriding teenager crashed into a house in Euclid on Tuesday.

"Regular day, you know. Getting ready to take out the trash. I heard some skid marks coming around the corner," said James Anderson.

It was about 10 a.m. when Anderson was startled.

"Couple seconds later I heard, boom," Anderson said.

The noise came from what Anderson said was a Nissan Pathfinder slamming into the side of his house.

"The impact was so hard, it knocked pictures off the walls and everything," Anderson explained.

"When my downstairs neighbors saw the truck, he tried to hide it in the garage.  When the police came, that's when they saw the truck," said Yolanda Anderson.

Yolanda Anderson said it was her teen neighbor who took his mom's car without permission.

"He actually ended up coming over, the kid and they said he was trying to apologize," James Anderson said.

They don't know if the teen was given a fine or citation, but they hope he learned his lesson.

"I think he did learn his lesson, hopefully," Yolanda Anderson said.

"Maybe this will be a lesson learned.  Maybe he can do some community service washing police cars or something," James Anderson said.

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