Police say possible drunken driver caused wrong-way crash on I-71

Police now say a possible drunken driver was going the wrong way on I-71 near West 25th Street Thursday when he crashed into a semi-truck.

The semi -truck then went into a counter-clockwise spin and struck another car.

The accident happened just before 5 a.m.

Cleveland police say the semi driver, Lawrence Marinelli, was not injured.

Gary Schlairet was driving the car struck by the semi. He is at MetroHealth Hospital with serious injuries.

The possible drunk driver is at MetroHealth Hospital with critical injuries. Charges have not yet been filed against him. Investigators say they are waiting for test results.

Hazmat crews were called to the scene to clean up fuel that was spilled into the roadway.

The Cleveland police, fire department, and Ohio Department of Transportation closed I-71 at the scene of the crash  for almost five hours.

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