It's not you, school does start earlier now. Here's why.

If you're a parent you may be begging for the first day of school to come but in some cases it's happening earlier and earlier. Looking around at some of the larger districts you might notice some pretty early start dates:

  • Cleveland Metro School District: Aug.14
  • Akron Public Schools: Aug. 30
  • Lakewood City Schools: Aug. 21
  • Mentor Public Schools: Aug. 17
  • Canton City Schools: Aug. 14
  • Beachwood City Schools: Aug. 16

The early start for school can be directly oddly enough be connected to the end of school testing. "Most of our assessments are done at the end of April, early May. So in order to have time to teach the curriculum and to teach it fully, we need to start a little bit earlier," said Linda H. LoGalbo, Beachwood City Schools Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

There is a positive side to the early start according to LoGalbo, which is getting out of school earlier.

"After the testing, we're done teaching the curriculum so it doesn't make sense to have our students in school for another month, she siad.

That's why, at least in Beachwood, school will be out before Memorial Day.

The concern for starting in mid-August is weather. August can still be brutally hot in Ohio and most older schools do not have air conditioning. If conditions get too warm some schools have had to take a half day or full day off, known as "calamity days".

"Two elementary schools which are not air conditioned were built in the 50's. It is a little warmer the first two weeks of school. We haven't had a calamity day for heat," said LoGalbo.

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