Ohio's Tax-Free Weekend: How much can you really save?

Schools supplies shopping. (Source: WOIO)
Schools supplies shopping. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you're back-to-school shopping this weekend how much can you really save because of the tax free holiday weekend?

The idea is to give parents a break on all of the supplies and clothes they need to buy to send their kids back to school by removing the sales tax on certain items people can save around 8 percent, depending on your local sales tax.

The state sales tax is 5.75 percent and then, depending on where you live, your local municipalities apply even more sales tax. For example Cuyahoga county is the only county in the state with an 8 percent sales tax. Just a little south in Medina county it's 6.75 percent. The Ohio Department of Taxation has a map showing every counties sales tax rate.

Looking at how much can actually be saved, we set out to do a little experiment. We went to Marc's to do some school supply shopping. At the store we picked a class room school supply list.

Here was our list:

Keep in mind we were picking up school supplies for one child in a second grade class. Some families are buying for multiple kids in all grades and some supplies can be pretty pricey.

To be tax free the school supply item has to be less than $20, which is fine when it comes to notebooks, paper and folders.

The more expensive items like calculators, tablets and laptops are not tax free.

School clothing items have to be $75 or less to be sales tax free. But there's no limit to how much you can buy. If you needed 100 folders they will all be tax free because each folder is less than 20 dollars.

Looking at the receipt, you might be surprised to see we paid $0.73 in tax. How can that be when these were school supplies?

The two items that were not tax free were the box of tissues and Clorox wipes.

Those are not tax exempt, because they're not technically school supplies.

Sales Tax Holidays FAQs

Our other 13 items purchased and we save a total $1.02.

Legislation has already passed to for the 2018 Tax Free Holiday.

In that legislation they have to estimate how much the state and local governments will loose because for a weekend sales tax isn't rolling in.

According to the Ohio Department of Taxation the state will loose $19.1 million during the 2018 holiday and local governments will loose $4.3 million.

That shows just how much Ohioans will save.

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