Cleveland settles lawsuit with Officer Brelo protesters for $50,000

Cleveland settles lawsuit with Officer Brelo protesters for $50,000

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Six Michael Brelo verdict protesters who were arrested in May of 2015 while demonstrating after his acquittal will receive a monetary settlement from the city of Cleveland.

Brelo was found 'not guilty' of voluntary manslaughter in the November 2012 deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. The Cleveland Police officer was on trial for firing 49 rounds at Russell and Williams, who were unarmed.

The verdict prompted several protests in and around downtown Cleveland.

The six were wrongfully arrested, jailed, and prosecuted for several months, before the charges were finally dismissed.

According to the lawsuit, Cleveland Police intentionally kept the protesters in jail to prevent them from returning to the streets to protest. While locked up for 36 hours, they were subjected to bed bugs, contaminated drinking water, and mold.

The city has agreed to pay $50,000 to Jessica Barnes, Jasmine Bruce, Dominique Knox, Eric Maxwell, and Tanis Quach, and National Lawyers Guild Legal Observer Jordan Workman.

Mayor Frank Jackson and Chief of Police Calvin Williams were named in the lawsuit as well.

On Nov. 29, 2012 Russell and Williams led more than 100 police officers, including Brelo, on a 20 minute chase. During that time 137 shots were fired through the windshield of the vehicle, killing both victims. Russell was hit by 24 shots, Williams by 23. The pursuit ended in East Cleveland at Heritage Middle School.

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