Issue 2: Cleveland 19 poll suggests voters undecided on something they know little about

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - According to Cleveland 19's poll, 30 percent of Ohioans surveyed are certain to vote in favor of the Issue 2 ballot measure and 15 percent are certain to vote against. But the largest number of people, 54 percent of voters, are not yet certain how they will vote.

Spokesmen on both sides of the issue, Dennis Willard, from the Yes on Issue 2 campaign, and Dale Butland, from the No on 2 camp, both told Cleveland 19 those numbers are favorable to their side of the debate. The "No" camp has a chance to make up ground with undecided voters, and the "Yes" camp appears to already have voters leaning in its direction.

Issue two, if it passes, would make it so the state of Ohio would only be allowed to pay the same price as Veterans Affairs does for prescription drugs. About 1/3 of Ohioans receive their prescription drugs from a state program like Medicaid.

The potential problem, according to experts Cleveland 19 spoke to outside of the campaign, is the measure could mean that VA prices go up, or that drug prices for the about 2/3 of Ohioans on private insurance could go up, or something else could happen.

"There's nothing that says the drug companies have to sell at that price and because the drugs that Ohio buys comprise less than five percent of all the drugs that the drug manufacturers sell to the states, I could very easily see the drug companies simply saying, 'No, we aren't going to sell the drug at that price,'" Butland said. "Then what?"

As far as understanding the issue, Cleveland 19's poll found that about 60 percent of voters don't know much, if anything, about the issue. Both sides said their goal from now until election day is to continue to educate voters.

"People are very angry at drug companies right now -- they see the exorbitant costs that they're charging for their drugs they see the excessive profits," said Willard.

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