Can the new CEO of Lorain schools turn things around?

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - It was a scrimmage day at Lorain High School on Tuesday. But while kids served and spiked the volleyball in the gym, administrators were on the second floor trying to figure out how save the failing school district.

The district's new CEO David Hardy, Jr. says the district has received Fs in five of six categories on the state report card.

That needs to change, and nobody knows that better than parents.

"We actually pulled her out and home schooled her through Lorain High, and she did better," said Marco Jacinto, who's daughter graduated from the high school.

Under House Bill 70, if a school is in distress, they must hire a CEO. Under state law, he has 90 days to get a plan in place to turn the district's grades around.

The district has an 87 percent graduation rate.

It also has a new state-of-the-art building that cost $73 million, with all the necessary tools to help a student succeed.

Ruth Pugh says the district can't control the environment and what's going on at home.

"I don't think it's a money problem, it's a people problem," she said. "This is a generation now and if we don't grab and get a hold of it and take personal stake, we will lose out."

Schools begins Aug. 23 for the district.

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