Mayor Frank Jackson says other cities have asked him about the dirt bike track project

(OHIO) WOIO - Plans are in place to build a $2.3 million dirt bike track in Cleveland. Mayor Frank Jackson said other cities across the country have asked him about the project.

"It's a national phenomenon that's occurring all over the country in urban centers," Jackson said.

There are discussions in Atlanta if an urban dirt bike park should be put in place. NPR reports dirt bike riders said ATVs prevent more serious crime, opponents want increase fines for people using ATVs on city streets.

WJZ reports there is a task force in Baltimore focused on illegal dirt bike activity, a former rider said the problem won't get solved until riders have a permanent place to ride.

Jackson adds the only open areas kids in Cleveland have are the parks, the city does not want them at parks.

"When you go to parks, you want it to be more of more quiet tranquil kind of environment. You don't want to hear the sound of dirt bikes running through there," Jackson said.

Teen hits, injures 8-year-old while riding dirt bike at Cleveland park

The mayor said motocross is a growing sport in the country. Jackson compared building a dirt bike track to building a skate park.

He realizes there are dirt bike riders who want to use dirt tracks and street platforms. Some kids like to do stunts and tricks on pavement.

The hope with the dirt bike track in Cleveland is to provide an environment for both kinds of riders. Jackson said his grandson's interest in the sport allowed him to learn more about the topic.

Residents voice concerns as plan for $2.3 million dirt bike track move forward

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