Mayor Jackson plans to add about 90 more police officers

(OHIO) WOIO - Mayor Frank Jackson has come under intense criticism from the police union on manpower issues.

The force currently has more than 100 officers, this is below the budgeted number of officers. Jackson blames a rash of 70 retirements.

"You need to have a constant flow of classes and new cadets coming in so that you can get ahead of those retiring," Jackson said.

The mayor said it will take time, a class takes six months to train. His goal is not just to catch up with retirement, he wants to add about 90 officers.

Jackson thanked the public for passing a tax increase to allow this.

"If the public had not supported us on Issue 32 we would be having a conversation right now as to why we're laying off $40 million worth of people and cutting services," Jackson said.

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