Mayor Jackson defends the proposed renovation of Quicken Loans Arena

(OHIO) WOIO - One of the most talked about issues in Cleveland is the proposed renovation of Quicken Loans Arena. Mayor Frank Jackson is for it, many of his opponents are critical of it.

"When I became Mayor, downtown was a ghost town and that's all people talked about. What are you gonna do about it, you know some neighborhoods had nothing. You know fewer neighborhoods are in that category now than before," Jackson said.

The Mayor fiercely defends his plan to spend $88 million of tax dollars on the arena. He said the Q holds more than 200 events a year, Jackson adds jobs and taxes have generated.

"This is a private investor, owner of a team who wants to put millions of dollars and insure we're not stuck with a debt if we can't pay it and extend their lease and pay half of it, I'm fine with that," Jackson said.

Union leaders endorse Quicken Loans Arena upgrades

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