Breaking down the diversity of latest Cleveland Police Department recruits

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In Columbus the latest Cleveland Police Department (CPD) cadet class started its training on Aug. 9 and Cleveland 19 has received the breakdown of the 52 members trying to become officers.

When the US Department of Justice had to come into Cleveland to investigate CPD's use of force, one of the topics agreed to in the Consent Decree was the recruitment and hiring policies for CPD.

Within 180 days of the Effective Date, CDP will develop a recruitment policy and a strategic recruitment plan that includes clear goals, objectives, and action steps for attracting qualified applicants from a broad cross-section of the community.

With that in mind Cleveland 19 asked for the complete break down of the current recruits in the academy now.

  • 27 white males
  • 5 white females
  • 8 black males
  • 2 black females
  • 6 Hispanic males
  • 3 Hispanic females
  • 1 Asian male

Calculating the breakdown it means that of the 52 recruits 38.4 percent of them are minorities. That number is up slightly from the current sworn in officers of which minorities make up 33 percent.

As of Monday, total number of sworn in CPD officers: 1444

  • 867 white males (60 percent)
  • 101 white females (7 percent)
  • 250 black males (17 percent)
  • 75 black females (5 percent)
  • 101 Hispanic males (7 percent)
  • 29 Hispanic females (2 percent)
  • 18 other male (1 percent)
  • 3 other female (0 percent)

Here is another way to look at the numbers when compared to the number of minorities that live in Cleveland proper, and the rest of the country.

  • Cadets= 38.4 percent minority
  • Sworn in officers= 33 percent minority
  • Cleveland population= 65.6 percent minority (not the suburbs, just Cleveland proper)
  • US minority population= 37.9 percent minority (2014)

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