18 SWAT officers hospitalized after accidental drug exposure during raid

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - More than a dozen SWAT officers were taken to the hospital after an accidental exposure to a potentially-lethal drug during a raid in Pennsylvania on Wednesday morning.

According to the Justice Department, several Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies were executing federal search warrants to homes in Pittsburgh's West End. As the SWAT members raided one of the homes, a table where drugs were being bagged was knocked over, which caused the powdered drugs to become airborne. The drug was believed to be fentanyl.

The accidental exposure prompted 18 SWAT officers to be taken to a hospital, with symptoms ranging from burning throats to nausea, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

All 18 SWAT officers have been medically cleared and the incident did not result in any serious injuries to the officers.

Four Pittsburgh residents were arrested during the raids and are facing drug trafficking charges, according to the Justice Department.

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