Cleveland Browns: Is preseason vs. regular season a predictor?

Cleveland Browns: Is preseason vs. regular season a predictor?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Browns are about to give us some insight as to what we can expect in the NFL regular season when they open up preseason tonight in Cleveland.

It's like opening up that brand new notebook on the first day of school. There's so much potential, so much to create.

It's time to take a look back at history and use it as a predictor, if that's possible.

If the Browns have a bad four game preseason will that mean a bad regular season? If they have a great preseason, of which they've done twice in the past ten years, does that mean a happy Cleveland come December?

Let's take a look at the Browns past ten years of preseason and what it has meant for the regular season.

       Preseason                             Regular Season

2016       0-4                                                                      1-15

2015       1-3                                                                      3-13

2014       1-3                                                                      7-9

2013       3-1                                                                      4-12

2012       2-2                                                                      5-11

2011       1-3                                                                      4-12

2010       2-2                                                                      5-11

2009       2-2                                                                      5-11

2008       0-4                                                                      4-12

2007       3-1                                                                      10-6

Reason for hope? Nah. 

Looking at the numbers there are some observations that can be made. The best the Browns have done in the past ten years in preseason is 3-1, done in both 2007 and 2013. Ten years ago it looked like a good predictor as the Browns finished the season at 10-6, the best record in the past decade. So that clearly means go 3-1 and have a decent year, correct? No, because they did the same in 2013, and then fumbled the regular season finishing 4-12.

It is interesting to look at 2009 and 2012. In both years the preseason record was 2-2 and then both regular seasons the team finished 5-11. Moral of that story; don't hope for a 2-2 preseason this year.

Perhaps last year was the only true marker when you compare the preseason to the regular season.

The Browns had a new coach, new regime, the Johnny Manziel soap opera had been canceled and it all added up to what we saw on the field.

For only the second time in ten years the Browns went 0-4 in the preseason and then almost repeated the feat in the regular season but managed one win against San Diego.

What is he one thing that stands out over the past decade when looking at the records? There are not a lot of wins when the Browns start or finish the season.

Let's see how they do this year.

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