Canton Police find alligator, snake and dangerous dogs during search of home

Canton Police find alligator, snake and dangerous dogs during search of home
Cane Corso dog bread. (Source: Wikipedia)
Cane Corso dog bread. (Source: Wikipedia)

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - On Monday, Canton Police used a warrant to get into a home and found an alligator, a boa constrictor and two dogs on the county's dangerous dog list.

According to Stark County Dog Warden John Barber, Deladeaye Earley is expected to face a long list of charges through the Canton Police Department.

The animal charges are expected to include housing an animal on Ohio's Dangerous Wild Animal list for having a 3-and-a-half-foot alligator.

In order to house an alligator of any size, a person must get a permit from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, which would include inspections by the state. Earley did not register or have the proper permits for the gator, according to officials.

The dog warden said he saw two Cane Corso dogs who were put on the county's dangerous dogs list for an incident in 2015. Earley had to appear in court because of the dogs, which is when he told a judge they were dead.

According to Barber, Earley lied to the judge about the dogs being dead and is expected to be hit with falsification charges for lying to the court.

He's also expected to face two counts for failing to register the dangerous dogs.There were three other dogs in the home that were not registered, according to the warden, so he's expected to face another three counts for failing to register them.

Of all the animals, the 4-foot boa constrictor is legal, so Earley is allowed to keep the snake.

The alligator was taken Monday night by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and will be housed temporarily until it's shipped to a wild animal sanctuary outside of the state.

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