16 Northeast Ohio communities join 'Your 911' app to share locations in emergencies

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The "Your 911" app is now available free of charge to all residents and people who work within and travel through 16 communities that consist of the Chagrin Valley Dispatch Center.

Chagrin Falls, in conjunction with the Chagrin Valley Dispatch Center, has just launched a new safety app called "Your 911." The app is designed to provide a more accurate location for emergencies compared to current 911 calls.

In a recent situation, the app was used to report an elderly woman who fainted. Calls through the "Your 911" app are accurate enough that the EMS was on scene in two minutes.

"National Institute of Science and Technology tested the application ... and reported the application to be more than 95 percent accurate," said Chad Salahshour, CEO of 911 Cellular.

The application will allow dispatch centers to receive very important information in 3 seconds or less.

"Response times can drop 75 percent in an emergency situation," Salashour said.

The app costs the village about $3,500 a year, according to Bill Tomko, Mayor of Chagrin Falls.

"The saving of seconds can make a difference in life and death in a critical health situation or another emergency," Tomko said.

The app also allows residents to communicate directly with the service department to report incidents such as potholes and other various problems within the community. The app can be downloaded through app stores free of charge.

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