Parma residents have had fill of basement flooding, demand answers

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Neighbors on Beresford Avenue in Parma have had enough flooding, but not enough answers to the problem.

Dan Wanda believes the problem is a catch basin where a smaller pipe appears to have been placed to do the work of a bigger one that failed. That solution is failing because when the basin fills, so do basements.

"All of a sudden you can hear the drain in your basement," Wanda said. "Whoosh, like letting the water out, the air out. All of a sudden -- boom -- it comes out of the drain, out of the shower, the whole basement. In April I had a foot of water."

Wanda said he keeps his eyes on the sky every time it appears cloudy, simply because he is nervous that another basement issue will gurgle up.

There is a sinkhole in his tree lawn.

"I stuck my hand down in there, you can pull sewer tile out," he said. "It's all the way under the street."

It's very clear the ground beneath his tree lawn is eroded away. Just the slightest pressure and you can feel the gap.

"I thought I had the Caddyshack gopher," Wanda joked. "You know that I mean, I really did."

Nancy Britton has similar problems.

"We got flooded three times since April and the last time in June we had to have someone come and haul carpet and padding out," she said.

That cost her $130.

In her basement, she is ready with an industrial shop vac, dehumidifier, and things on blocks. Other items are piled high just in case. In other areas, wallboard that was soaked has been removed.

Ray Semon shared a picture from his basement the last time it flooded.

"I had like $10,000 of damage down there. You have to make sure everything is off the floor," he said.

The city of Parma was quick to respond, saying that the issue is on the front burner and that dye testing has been done. City officials are waiting on Cuyahoga County to get test results. The county will be responsible for correcting the problem -- hopefully before it rains again.

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