8 abandoned kittens stuffed into a plastic bin in Summit County

TWINSBURG, OH (WOIO) - Eight kittens were left at the front door of the Humane Society of Summit County on Wednesday.

The kittens were sealed inside a plastic bin with holes punched in the top, according to the animal shelter's Facebook page.

"They were meowing. Some of them couldn't even put their paws on the bottom of the box," said Diane Johnson, CEO and President of the HSSC.

"We had a guest here and she went to leave and she came back in and said: 'Do you know there's a bunch of cats meowing outside in a plastic bin out there,' and we're like: 'Oh my gosh!' It was hot and inside of plastic, heat condenses so some of them were pretty lethargic when they came out of there," said Johnson.

The vet examined the 2- to 4-month-old kittens, and rehab has begun to bring them back to full health.

According to Shannon Waller. Chief Operations Officer, some of the kittens were suffering from infections.

"They might still be recovering a little bit. Kittens usually bounce around a lot more than they do, that was an ordeal for them for sure," she said.

There is a cat overpopulation in Summit County right now, yet Waller says they'll keep the litter until someone fosters or adopts them.

"We're grateful that the person brought them in if they couldn't care for them; however, we just wish they'd brought them into the lobby cause if they'd stayed out there longer without being seen, it may have been a different story," said Johnson.

Now, they're working to find the kittens a "fur-ever" home. When they're ready, they'll be posted to the organization's website.

There's a $75 fee to adopt one kitten or you can get 2 for $100.

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