Perry Township neighbors angry at Canton for discolored, smelly tap water

Perry Township neighbors angry at Canton for discolored, smelly tap water
Water in Stark County’s Perry Twp. (Source: WOIO)
Water in Stark County’s Perry Twp. (Source: WOIO)

CANTON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - About 100 homes in Perry township are seeing discolored water coming from their taps.

Kim Kestner is one of them.

"Smells funny, I've had to buy bottled water just to give my dog water," Kestner said.

She invited us in to get a look at her situation and showed us pictures she took Sunday as she washed residue from items.

"That orange gunk, it's disgusting I have not idea, and it never used to be that way," added Kestner.

The problem has been going on for about a month. Kim is not alone, other viewer's pictures show what bath water looks like, same in the sink. One shows a hydrant pushing out truly orange water. There are stains in Kim's bathtub, and a dish that has run through the dishwasher looks heavily spotted with residue. A teapot is just as spotted.

"They usually have to be both hand washed and washed in the dishwasher," Kim explained.

The Canton Water Department admitted in a release that drilling mud had been dumped into a creek that supplies the area by a private company. It has a high concentration of iron. Trouble is, the mud won't be gone for weeks, so Kim's faucet filter will continue to clog.

Truly troubling pictures she has shows an undiagnosed rash that her son has developed since the water has been bad. She has no idea what other than the water could have caused it.

JR Jacoby says he first noticed it in the toilet.

"It just looked like you don't flush, so we started yelling at our kids. I feel bad now," Jacoby said.

Residents can hear an explanation of what is going on Monday night at 6 p.m. in a presentation at the Perry Police Department Community Room.

However since it will take weeks to remove the mud, a solution is likely weeks away.

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