Stolen truck recovered, owner incurred hundreds in fees

Stolen truck recovered, owner incurred hundreds in fees

MASSILLON, OH (WOIO) - A work truck was stolen, now the owner is left with a hefty bill.

Cleveland 19 first told you back in June, how the Ladybug Garden Center Truck was stolen as workers stood feet from the vehicle.

The truck has since been recovered, but now the owner is facing hundreds of dollars in fees.

Donna Matako owns and runs the Ladybug Garden Center. Her business can't run without a working truck.

"It was an integral part of daily activities here. The landscapers take it out every day to use it in the field," Matako explained.

Matako thought having her stolen truck was bad, then she got a letter in the mail.

Massillon business hoping to recover stolen 'Lady Bug' truck

"On August 6 I received a certified letter in the mail saying that we recovered your vehicle on June 29th. I almost fell over, actually," Matako said.

Nearly six weeks went by and no one told her the truck had been recovered. Here's the kicker, they also told her she was responsible for the weeks of impound fees.

"The impound fees as of the day I went to pick it up totaled $674, towing and impound fees," explained Matako.

Donna had a hard time understanding why she would owe fees when she wasn't even informed her truck had been recovered.

"The Akron Police station called Stan's Towing in Copley and told them that somehow, somewhere, someone dropped the ball. The fees there are Stan's would be taken care of," Matako explained.

When she went to the impound lot, she still had to hand over $400. Matako paid the fee, to get the truck back, but wants to know why she had to pay.

"It's been stressful for everybody. Stressful for the crew it got stolen from that day, stressful for us trying to come up with more money to buy another vehicle. It's definitely a strain on the business when you have to take thousands of dollars to buy a replacement vehicle," Matako said.

We reached out to Akron Police, they tell us, it was their error, and they plan on working with Matako, on the fees.

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