Snow plows, other big trucks likely to remain as terror blockers

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Moving forward, one security expert said that Clevelanders should expect to see dump trucks, snow plows and other large pieces of construction equipment used as blockades during fairs and festivals.

Tim Dimoff, a security expert, told Cleveland 19 that barricades of big trucks is something people should expect to see from now on.

"Any event event that's going to be taking place across the country where there's a large group of gathering people, multiple days, you're going to see more use of snow plows, trucks, dumpsters, heavy duty equipment that is already purchased, it's sitting and it's portable. That makes it very valuable," said Dimoff.

The Cleveland Police Department wouldn't comment about specific plans for specific events, but Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia did say, "A variety of precautions are taken to ensure that people can attend and enjoy festivals and gatherings as safely as possible."

For years, the Department of Homeland Security has warned about terrorists attacking public spaces or events. In May of 2017, DHS specifically mentioned "the use of vehicle ramming," as a potential way terrorists may attack.

Dimoff, said that the threat has only increased in recent months.

"You're gonna see more truck, construction equipment, that type of heavy duty equipment because they they will stop larger vehicles like trucks, semis, definitely will stop passenger vehicles and trucks," said Dimoff. "They're available, they're sitting, they're not being used, they're heavy duty, they are a great barrier and they're portable. That makes them even more valuable."

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