Roach problem finally getting stepped on after Orlo Wants to Know reports

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Help appears to have arrived for residents of homes near a roach infested house on Delrey Avenue in Cleveland. It took several stories by Cleveland 19's "Orlo Wants to Know" unit.

Exterminators have visited the property, as well as treated the homes of other people nearby who were troubled by roaches as a result of the previous inaction.

A search warrant is now posted on the property, allowing entry by city inspectors which previously had been precluded because the homeowner had died. It could be the first step toward demolition of the troubled property.

After stories aired, a city health inspector arrived, days later Cleveland Mayoral candidate Zach Reed, and finally a surprise visit by Mayor Frank Jackson.

It appears the stories got the ball rolling.  A  lone processing company named Ocwen who is in charge of the property seemed unaware that the conditions had not been abated by its earlier efforts.

It promised to provide a comprehensive plan, and now that is underway.  It provides relief for people like 87-year-old Delores who lives next door and had never had a roach problem since she bought her home in 1958, but had troubles recently.

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