How much does Cleveland's mayor and staff make?

How much does Cleveland's mayor and staff make?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In November, the city of Cleveland will vote for a mayor -- a position that currently makes $140,888.56 annually. The mayor's salary combined with 27 other staff positions costs $2,092,076.42 in tax dollars every year.

Current Mayor Frank Jackson is seeking his fourth term. There are also nine others running for mayor in Cleveland.

Along with Jackson, Councilman Zack Reed, Councilman Jeff Johnson, restauranteur Brandon Chrostowski, business owner Tony Madalone, former non-profit executive Robert Kilo, Dyrone Smith, state Rep. Bill Patmon and former East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer will appear on the September primary.

In June, Cleveland 19 made a public records request for the salary of Jackson and his staff. On Aug. 16 the request was finally completed. Here is the breakdown of the mayor's and his staff's salaries:

Mayor's salary:


Administrative officer:


Assistant administrator:


Executive assistant to the mayor: (3 people with this position)


Executive assistant to the mayor: (3 people with this position) 


Secretary to the mayor: 


Special assistant to the mayor: (15 people with this position) 


Special assistant to the mayor/part-time: (3 people with this position)


Cleveland 19 has had to file a second public records request to the city's law department to ask for a specific breakdown and job description for each of the positions. Dan Williams, Media Relations Director for the mayor, said that the six executive assistant to the mayor positions are cabinet/chief level positions. The same for the secretary to the mayor, which is not a clerical position.

From previous coverage we know former Public Safety Director Marty Flask has been re-assigned to one of the executive assistant to the mayor positions.

Looking at the city's website it lists the mayor's staff and their titles, but none of them match up with the list of positions we were given in our initial request.

When you add up the entire cost of Mmayor's staff paid for by taxpayers, the total comes to $2,092,076.42.

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