Stolen car found after elderly nun carjacked; Suspect search underway

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Police have located the car or a 71-year-old nun who was carjacked at gunpoint in her driveway Thursday afternoon.

The car was found less than a quarter mile from where it was stolen, behind an apartment building near E 153rd and Yorick.

The victim's Honda was found just before noon Friday, on Yorick Avenue. The car was unoccupied at the time.

Police say the incident happened on Cleveland's east side in front of the woman's home on Mandalay Avenue at 5 p.m.

The victim told police that she just returned home from the store when the suspect approached her. He asked her for the time, pointed a gun at her and said that he was taking her car. The victim said she then gave the suspect her keys

The nun, who is associated with St. Aloysious School and Church, asked the suspect if she could at least get her church supplies out of the car, but he said, "I ain't no church."

"A nun is really a helper why would you steal something from a nun?" Mary Brantley said.

She lives across the street from where the car was recovered.

"I was shocked you might as well say [it was] right in my backyard. I mean it's really bad, the crime is coming closer and closer," Brantley said.

She said there was about $300 worth of school supplies, keys to the church, basketball uniforms valued at $675, and $95 worth of track equipment inside the car.

Police have not said if any of the items were still inside the car.

A description of the suspect has not been released.

The church stuff that the nun was referring to included several hundred dollars in school supplies, and nearly $700 worth of basketball uniforms for St. Aloysius school.  The nun works at the school, and until recently was a teacher there.

Police haven't said if the uniforms and school supplies were in the car, but if they aren't, said St. Aloysius pastor Mark Hobson, they would have to be replaced.

Hobson said that the church, and the nun, know that most of their neighbors are good law abiding people, and said they all plan to stay and continue helping their community.

The Ursuline nuns also released a statement about the incident:

"The Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland are very grateful for the safety of our sister.  We are grateful too for the prompt assistance of the Cleveland Police Department 5th District with special thanks to commander Sammy Morris for his attention and concern for our sister.  Our friends in the Collinwood neighborhood have been very supportive.  Sadly, many nameless citizens are victims of violence daily – and we will continue to work and pray for an end to poverty and violence in our beloved city of Cleveland – where we have served since 1850." said Sister Susan Durkin, President, Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland. 

The Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association said they will replace the belongings stolen from the nun. Once the belongings are identified, they CPPA will double them in size and replace them for her.

The CPPA said it is the right thing to do.

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