The struggle of finding solar eclipse safety glasses

The struggle of finding solar eclipse safety glasses

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Solar eclipse experts are strongly advising people to use special glasses to view Monday's event. There is only one problem: Most of the safety glasses are sold out!

Viewing the solar eclipse directly can lead to permanent eye damage, scientists say. Some local schools will are even canceling class on Aug. 21 to make sure students don't look at the sun, even inadvertently, during school hours.

The safest way to view the solar eclipse from Northeast Ohio are either with a pinhole viewer, or with solar eclipse sunglasses. The glasses are in such high demand, that many places are sold out of the specialty items. Some vendors are even selling counterfeit glasses, which could still lead to retina damage.

NASA has been distributing free glasses at events, but it may be too late to grab a pair.

Over 2 million eclipse glasses were sent to libraries across the country. That supply diminished quickly though. Fortunately, the Cleveland Public Library just received a new shipment, days before the celestial event.

The glasses are even being sold or given out for free in store and online.

  • High-end eyeglass dealer Warby Parker was giving away free glasses.
  • The convenience store 7-Eleven is selling glasses, but it is likely that many of the stores ran out.
  • Solme local hardware stores, like Ace Hardware, were offering glasses for sale, but supply may be limited.
  • Other retailers to check include Walmart, Best Buy, Lowe's, or Toys "R" Us.

Anyone seeking glasses from these listed locations should call in advance to make sure there are some still in stock.

Click here for a list of last-minute solar viewer suppliers, from the American Astronomical Society.

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