Where do Confederate statues go after removal?

Where do Confederate statues go after removal?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Since the chaos in Charlottesville, there has been a national outcry for the remaining statues that represent the Confederacy and slavery to come down. What happens after they are removed?

In Ohio, there were at least four Confederate-related statues, including one in northern Ohio near Sandusky. That number is now down to three memorials after a Robert E. Lee memorial in Franklin was removed on Wednesday.

The Ohio memorial that came down adds to the list of monuments and statues that have been removed since the clash with white supremacists. Some argue that the symbols are tributes to Southern heritage and signs of American history, while others feel that they glorify a history of racism. Where do those monuments end up after they come down?

Some historians say that more context can be added to the monuments, according to CNN. New plaques with more details are being added to some still-standing Confederate statues so people can learn more from them rather than seeing only the statue.

Another suggestion is to move the monuments to museums, where they can be observed in a more historical context with other significant memorabilia or symbols. Cities such as St. Louis and New Orleans have vowed to relocate recently removed monuments to local museums.

According to CNN, a Confederate statues in Orlando was taken down and is set to be re-erected in a city cemetery.

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