Cleveland Browns fans need to forget about Josh Gordon

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Browns fans need to forget about Josh Gordon. The league seems to have.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged on Thursday that Gordon's case was not under active consideration.

Gordon is a forgotten man, much like Justin Blackmon. Remember him? The former Jacksonville first round pick is still associated with the Jaguars in the sense that if he ever gets back into the league, he plays for them. Nobody expects that to happen now.

Gordon, like Blackmon, can't stop screwing up. He petitioned the league for reinstatement in May, it was rejected. Goodell did not indicate a Gordon return was around the corner either.

"I don't know what the status is. That's not something I handle on a daily basis," Goodell said.

That is what happens to players like Gordon. It's a revolving door of suspensions for years before being stuck in suspension limbo.

Why reinstate him? His history shows he would quickly violate the league rules again, and again be thrown out for a year.

How do you end it? Don't let him back in. It seems like the league may have reached the Blackmon level of sick and tired with Gordon.

Fans still thinking he can get back need to forget it and move on. For crying out loud, if you're holding him in a fantasy football league, stop. Just stop.

Even the years Gordon did play, he was suspended for part of them. If he couldn't stop getting suspended when he was playing, why in the world should anybody think he'll stop getting suspended when he's not.

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