DeWine urges caution, says some solar eclipse glasses fake

DeWine urges caution, says some solar eclipse glasses fake

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Attorney General Mike DeWine is urging caution in observing Monday's solar eclipse thanks to reports of fake glasses being sold.

DeWine says the American Astronomical Society has received reports of the fake glasses, which won't properly filter the sun's rays, leading to possible permanent eye damage.

Some counterfeit glasses even carry the seal of the International Organization of Standardization, which previously could be trusted to indicate authentic glasses.

DeWine, a Republican, urges consumers to visit the society's website for a list of reputable merchants and vendors whose glasses are certified safe.

DeWine says many libraries plan events and will provide safe glasses.

DeWine cautions against using homemade products or ordinary sunglasses and says to seek expert advice before using a solar filter on a camera, binoculars or telescope.

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