Great Lakes Science Center prepares for solar eclipse

Great Lakes Science Center prepares for solar eclipse

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "I heard about it at the beginning of this year, like in January so I put it in my calendar in my phone so I wouldn't forget about it.  I'm a huge astronomy nerd.  I do astro for Olympiads, and stuff," said Priyanka Shresthra.

For enthusiasts like Beachwood High School Sophomore Priyanka Shrestha, Monday's solar eclipse is like the super bowl of the century.  She's even gotten her parents involved.

"I was the one who was like, hey, by the way, eclipse! They are very excited!" Shresthra said.

"To get little kids, and adults, quite frankly, excited about science, and even engineering and math, is amazing," said Robyn Kaltenbach from the Great Lakes Science Center.

The Great Lakes Science Center won't go dark Monday. They have events planned all day.

"We have scientist and experts from NASA here doing activities.  They will teach you how to make your own safety viewing glasses.  The most important thing we can communicate is being safe," Kaltenbach said.

Along with the 1,000 free glasses they are handing out, they are making cardboard cut-outs so everyone can safely watch the eclipse.
"We're going to build our own devices, get some arts and crafts in!" said Andrew Rosenberger.

The Rosenbergers from Texas are visiting family here, but don't want to miss out on the opportunity

"Chance to teach them about geography, trajectory.  A little more than what they would in school," Rosenberger said.

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