Boss at power company investigated for power theft

GALION, OHIO (WOIO) - A Sheriff's Department investigation is on-going in Galion into whether a supervisor in the light and power division is stealing electricity using an illegal hook up.

Galion power has about 6000 customers.

It is a city-owned utility that buys power in bulk but maintains its own distribution system. One of the customers is power supervisor Tony Slone.

A building permit issued to a contractor clearly says that the job was to remove an illegal tap and install new service at Slone's home.

Sloan had little to say when asked by if he had any reaction. He replied, "Nope, no comment."

At Galion City Hall Mayor Thomas O'Leary said, "We are in a phase where there's been a Sheriff's Department investigation and the prosecutor is looking at that. We're really in a holding pattern to see what if any charges are filed."

The Mayor says the investigation is on parallel tracks. One administrative and one criminal.

Meantime Slone remains on the job, and his power at his home is still on which is not typical when a theft is suspected.

Galion power says it is reliable, local and yours. In the case of Tony Slone you can add at least partially free.

His final comment was, "I have no answer for ya."

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