Most thrilling picture of 2017 solar eclipse taken at Cedar Point

Most thrilling picture of 2017 solar eclipse taken at Cedar Point

Photo credit: Courtesy of Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- This afternoon on America's roller coast, one of the coolest pictures of the 2017 solar eclipse was snapped at Cedar Point.

Cedar Point took the picture of riders on the Valravn roller coaster. They hung over the edge and prepared to take a 214-foot dive straight down to Earth while the sun disappeared behind them.

Valravn is the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world with three inversions and a top speed of 75 mph.

Cedar Point recently officials announced the park's new roller coaster Steel Vengeance, which is set to debut in 2018.

Steel Vengeance will be the tallest and fastest hybrid roller coaster in the world.

The new coaster will stand 205 feet tall and max out at 74 miles per hour. The ride will cover 5,740 feet in distance in approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Since the beginning of the Cedar Point's 2017 season, park-goers could see construction workers tearing down parts of the wooden roller coaster Mean Streak, and then rebuilding it. Cedar Point (allegedly) shut the coaster down in 2016, but instead, decided to build a new ride that is expected to be completed next year.

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