Endangered, rare bat found in Twinsburg

Endangered, rare bat found in Twinsburg

Biologists have discovered an endangered Northern long-eared bat in Twinsburg earlier this month. It was the first sighting of the species by Summit Metro Parks staff in five years.

Marlo Perdicas, a biologist with the Summit County parks system, said, "We have not seen a northern long-eared bat since 2012 due to the effects of white-nose syndrome."

The disease wakes up bats from their winter hibernation when there are no insects to eat, and has wiped out about 90 percent of the bat population in Summit County, according to Perdicas.

The female bat was captured on Aug. 10 and fitted with a transmitter and tracked back to her roost for an unusual finding.

"To our surprise, she is roosting with a colony of little brown bats," said Perdicas

The Northern long-eared bat was list as federally threatened in 2015. The medium-sized, brown bat spend their winters in caves and mines and their summers in tree cavities.

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