Can you help find a childhood baseball glove mistakenly sold?

Dave McClintock holding his new glove from the store. (Source: WOIO)
Dave McClintock holding his new glove from the store. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Northeast Ohio man is desperately trying to find the baseball glove his dad gave him back in 1982 after it was mistakenly sold at a used sporting goods store.

Dave McClintock's father is not in good health and the glove is the only thing he has left from his childhood that his father gave him.

"My dad has breathing problems. No doctor can figure out why," said McClintock.

On Sunday the Aug.13, McClintock took his glove, a 1982 MAG right-handed glove, to Play It Again Sports in North Olmsted to have it restrung.

The owner of the store, Scott Trayer, said there was a mix-up. McClintock's glove was left on a counter, when another customer came in to sell a collection of old gloves. In that collection just happen to be a similar 1980's MAG glove.

Somehow McClintock's glove got mixed up with the other used glove that was to be put on sale. His glove was put on sale, and the other used MAG was restrung. When McClintock went to pick up his glove, he noticed something wasn't right, and it was the wrong glove.

"I've had that glove for 35 years and in three days it's gone," said McClintock.

When the confusion was sorted out, it was determined Dave's MAG glove was put on the shelf and sold either on Tuesday Aug. 15 or Wednesday Aug. 16.

"We've been re-stringing gloves for over 20 years and never had this happen," said Trayer.

In fact, because of the mix-up, Trayer said the store has a new policy on where gloves are kept. To apologize for the mistake the store let McClintock pick out a brand new glove for free that cost $159.

Trayer said they don't track who they sell to, they only the people who bring in used gear to sell. Trayer said he went back and found the sale but it was paid for with cash so they can't track the person down.

McClintock appreciates the gesture. But he says nothing can replace his childhood glove.

"This $100 glove is a nice glove, but the sentimental value is kind of priceless," McClintock said.

He says getting on the ball field just won't be the same.

"That's where it needs to be played, right out there," McClintock said, pointing at the ball field we met him at in Old Brooklyn. "That's why I need the glove back in my hands, out on that field."

McClintock is really hoping someone will see this story and the pleas on social media and return the glove.

"To the person who bought it I'd really love to get it back. I'll buy it or you can have this new one. Please do the right thing," McClintock said.


  • 1982 MAG right-handed glove.
  • "DMC" Initials written in black marker on the thumb
  • Purchased with cash from Play It Again Sports, North Olmsted
  • Bought either Aug. 15 or 16

Valerie Jaworski, McClintock's girlfriend posted the story about the missing glove on Facebook and included a tag to Cleveland 19 Reporter Dan DeRoos to help her track it down and get answers. The post has already been shared more than 2,200 times in two days.

Anyone who knows anything about the glove can either reach out to Cleveland 19 Reporter Dan DeRoos (listed below) or the email

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