Northeast Ohio veteran says he fought for the Cleveland Browns' right to kneel during National Anthem

MACEDONIA, Ohio -- Kelly Albright is an Iraqi War Veteran. The flag flies proudly over his home in Macedonia. He saw the negative reactions from people on social media after viewing Cleveland Browns players taking a knee during the national anthem.

"I fought ... many like me fought for those guys to utilize that right. Peacefully of course," he said.

He took to social media himself and posted on the Cleveland 19 News Facebook page:

He has been roundly criticized, but as a nearly eight-year member of the army's infantry and service as a machine gunner on Bradley's, Humvee's and foot patrols he said he can take it.

Kelly has a simple analysis of the situation :"A person utilizing their freedom of speech and their freedom of religion, who am I or anyone else in this country to tell them that they can't. Why? Because they disagree with how they're doin' it? Nah."

Kelly sees no relationship between taking a knee and those who use violence to make a statement. He just keeps it very basic -- freedom of speech for everyone.

"I let the Constitution speak for itself, I fought for everybody not just the select few," he said.

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