AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland hold 'Yes on Issue 2' rally

AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland hold 'Yes on Issue 2' rally

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland held a "Yes on Issue 2" rally in Cleveland on Wednesday.

Some members of Cleveland City Council were also in attendance for the event.

The measure would mandate that Ohio pay no more for prescription drugs than the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which pays a substantially cheaper rate in most cases.

Cleveland City Council member Phyllis Cleveland said voting yes on Issue 2 will not hurt veterans.

"It allows us to take control our health and our healthcare," Cleveland said.

She said if Issue 2 passes in Ohio, other states may follow suit.

The campaign against the initiative, Ohioans Against the Deceptive RX Ballot Issue, is funded mostly by the pharmaceutical industry. The spokesperson for that campaign, Dale Butland, said that the ballot initiative may do the opposite of what it says it will do.

"There are seven million Ohioans, about 64 percent of the state's population, who don't get their drugs through the state programs they get it through private insurance, insurance provided by employers, Medicaid for example is not covered under this anyway, so if this thing were workable and if the drug companies were forced to sell to the state like any other business they make that up by raising prices for those of us who aren't covered by this which is the majority of people of our state," said Butland.

A couple of weeks ago Governor John Kasich's office said they are still looking into the issue.

"The governor and his staff are currently examining the issue."

The Northeast Ohio VA Healthcare System released this statement:

"We cannot comment on pending legislation, but please know the VA follows Federal laws and regulations."

-Kristen Parker, Chief of External Affairs, Northeast Ohio VA Healthcare System.


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