Lakewood officials delay decision on pit bull case

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Jennifer Scott appeared with her attorney in a closed door meeting at Lakewood City Hall Wednesday in the hopes of swaying city officials into letting her keep her dog Charlie, which is part pit bull.

A decade ago, Lakewood instituted a law banning pit bulls, and in response to Scott's plea, the city will take roughly five days to consider whether Charlie will stay.

If Lakewood moves to ban Charlie, Scott has pledged to file a lawsuit against the city.

"I think it's ridiculous. I think for other families to go through what I've gone through today is just insane. This is very stressful ... It's been a whirlwind," said Scott immediately following the meeting.

To support Scott's case, dog owners and animal activists appeared in front of city hall on Wednesday afternoon to peacefully protest Lakewood's anti-pit bull ban.

Scott says she adopted the nine-month-old dog from the Cleveland APL and received approval in writing from the city of Lakewood.

That was in February.

Four months later, Charlie got out of the yard.

The animal warden turned her into the city.

Lakewood is one of almost 100 Ohio cities that prohibit pit bulls or other dogs they classify as vicious. Word spread and the "I'm with Charlie" signs started popping up on lawns in Lakewood, as did support across Twitter and Facebook.

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