Copley mother shares cancer journey online

COPLEY, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 is a sponsor for the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure in Cleveland, and anchor Romona Robinson has been meeting many women who are joining the fight against breast cancer. One of them is a 32 year old wife and mom from Copley who's sharing her experience with cancer on social media, and we knew we had to tell her story.

Laura Allio found a lump in her armpit the day she and her husband Mike took a 6-month photo with their baby, James.

"I thought, oh my gosh, I might not be here for my son's second or third birthday," said Allio.

Laura was diagnosed with Stage 2B triple negative breast cancer, which is a fast-growing cancer. They turned to Facebook to share the emotional news with family and friends.

"Hopefully it will be a testament to my son one day, to show him how much I love him and that I will fight for him and for my family,"  said Allio in her first video blog post.

"She said, you know, we really have to make some purpose out of this, it's kind of our mission," said Mike Allio.

Through videos and photos, the posts follow every step of Laura's treatment, including chemotherapy, and even shaving off her hair.

"I try not to wear my wig because I think it's important that women feel comfortable just going out with their bald head," said Allio.

Laura also gives a more urgent message to women: Do self-exams, get a mammogram, and get genetic testing if there's a family history of cancer.

There are lighthearted moments in the videos, and also plenty of gratitude. Laura and Mike say they'll never see the world the same way. Laura remembers one of the first things Mike told her after her diagnosis: "We're in this together, your life is my life and it's James' life and that made me feel like I was part of a team and it's given me strength when I haven't felt so strong," said Allio.

Laura says doctors tell her that she is having a very good response to her chemotherapy regimen. She has five more weekly doses to go, and is scheduled to finish on September 22nd.

She will be having a double mastectomy in October, and possibly radiation afterwards. Laura had genetic testing done, and was not BRCA positive, although her grandmother is a survivor, having been diagnosed at age 42 with breast cancer.

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