Akron councilman proposing the city should abolish Columbus Day

Akron councilman proposing the city should abolish Columbus Day

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Akron City Councilman Russ Neal is proposing Columbus Day to be abolished in the city. Neal plans to introduce the proposal at a city council meeting in September.

He wants to change the holiday to Indigenous Peoples Day. On Monday Oberlin City Council passed a resolution changing the day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

Neal adds he started to explore this idea this past March with help form local scholars.

Numerous cities across the country, including Denver and Phoenix, have recently renamed Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day as a counter-celebration, according to CNN. The day is meant to promote the culture and history of the Native American people.

Five states in the United States either don't observe the holiday, or have changed the name.

"I'm a creature of habit, and I'm not a creature of change. Columbus Day is Columbus Day to me," Jesse Peterson said.

Some say even if we change the name, it won't change the meaning.

"We change the name, but not the meaning behind it. I don't think it will make a difference if they change it," Javetta Moore said.

Oberlin is the first city in Ohio to rededicate Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day.

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