Man in violent Euclid arrest video says he's afraid and paranoid

Man in violent Euclid arrest video says he's afraid and paranoid
Richard Hubbard III appears in court. (Source: WOIO)
Hubbard taking pictures after court
Hubbard taking pictures after court
Hubbard walks in to court Thursday morning
Hubbard walks in to court Thursday morning
Hubbard sits in court waiting to answer charges against him
Hubbard sits in court waiting to answer charges against him
Richard Hubbard III plead not guilty to traffic charges, and one charge of resisting arrest in a Euclid court room on Thursday. 
Appearing with his attorney, Chris McNeal, Hubbard, walked slowly into the courtroom, wearing a neck brace. 
McNeal asked the judge to dismiss the case, and specifically cited a now viral video of Hubbard’s violent arrest by Euclid police officers.
McNeal said that the video shows “there’s no probable cause to support the resisting arrest charge.”
The judge said she would rule on the motion at a later date, since the prosecution hadn’t had a chance to respond. 

Both cell phone and dash cam video from Aug. 12, show Hubbard’s vehicle get pulled over by Euclid Police, and then shortly after, a violent struggle lasting more than three minutes ensued. Police say Hubbard resisted arrest, Hubbard denies that claim. 

“I'm hurt and afraid. I did not resist arrest. I work, I stay out of trouble and I never thought this would happen to me. When the officer told me, ‘get out the car’ I got out the car, stepping towards me he said, ‘face away’ I did not know what that meant at the time, but I turned around immediately. When I turned around I was attacked I did not resist arrest,” said Hubbard. “It all happened so fast, I just, it was a blur, but I know I did not touch the officer. I never had my hands balled, I never touched the officer, not once.”
McNeal said that he hopes people watch the video and make their own determinations. 
“I'm only going to ask that people keep an open mind, be objective, be unbiased, your own two eyes do not deceive you. You see my client get out of the car, you see my client begin to turn around, if you count it off he had less than two seconds before he was jacked up and brutalized by that officer, this is the objective evidence make up your own minds,” said McNeal. 

Hubbard’s girlfriend, Yolimar Tiardo, was also charged with several misdemeanors stemming from the violent arrest. She too plead not guilty Thursday.  In that cell phone video of the arrest, Tiardo can be heard saying, “babe stop!” She addressed those comments at Thursday’s press conference. 

Hubbard went on to say that he was “afraid for my life” during the incident, and that “I'm afraid of all officers I'm nervous and paranoid.”
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“Richard did not do anything to deserve this he did not resist arrest. I know that people are trying to use my statements and my screams in the video as evidence that Richard was resisting, but in all honesty, I was afraid. I was scared. I was confused. I would have never believed that a police officer would beat on someone for no reason,” said Tiardo.  “He did not do anything to deserve this.”
McNeal said that he does plan to file a civil suit on behalf of his client after the criminal portion of the case is complete. 
The officer seen in that video, Michael Amiott, has been suspended for at least 15 days. Euclid Police said Thursday that when and if Amiott returns to the department he will not be in uniform or on patrol “for the foreseeable future,” and will have to undergo extensive retraining. Police also confirmed that they are working with the county and the US Department of Justice as those agencies investigate the incident.

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