Akron gets shoutout from popular fashion magazine Vogue

Akron gets shoutout from popular fashion magazine Vogue

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The city of Akron might be under-appreciated by people that don't live in Ohio, but residents know what it really has to offer.

The popular fashion magazine Vogue shared an article about the Ohio city, and LeBron James was not the focal point.

The article, titled "6 Reasons Akron, Ohio Should Be On Your Radar," named several people, inventions, and sights that help make Akron historic.

According to Vogue, people living in or visiting Akron need to check out:

  • Chill Ice Cream - A small-batch ice cream shop with an exotic range of flavors.
  • 750ml - A restaurant known for its wine selections.
  • Blu Jazz - A jazz club that hosted famous jazz artists Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald.
  • Nightlight Cinema - A single-screen theater that focuses on locally-produced movies, foreign films, and obscure documentaries.
  • Luigi's - A family-style Italian restaurant known for its thick-crust pizzas.
  • Lock 3 - A performing arts center which hosts outdoor concerts and other events.

Other interesting claims or facts include the possibility that the hamburger was invented in Akron. Famous musicians that call Akron home include The Black Keys and Devo. Thomas Edison's wife was from Akron, and he visited frequently. Akron also leads the country in tire manufacturing.

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