7 most damaging US hurricanes: Where does Harvey land?

7 most damaging US hurricanes: Where does Harvey land?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The damage in Texas because of Hurricane Harvey's flooding will make it one of the most costly in history, but it's too soon to see where it will place in the top seven of U.S. hurricanes.

The earliest estimate of damage in Houston alone is coming in around $20 billion after the first 20 inches of rain. Over the nest two days, the city could get another 20 inches.

7. Hurricane Charley (2004) $15.1 billion 

This powerful hurricane hit the southwest coast of Florida.

6. Hurricane Irene (2011) $15.8 billion

Hurricane Irene hit a huge section of the east cost starting in the Carolinas and stretching up north. Flooding inland was a huge problem and accounted for the majority of the damage.

5. Hurricane Ivan (2004) $18.8 billion 

Hurricane Ivan made landfall in the Florida panhandle and the Alabama cost line. Making it's way inland it would go on to cause damage and flooding all the way up to New York and New Jersey.

4. Hurricane Andrew (1992) $26.5 billion 

Hurricane Andrew was small but mighty. Hitting central Florida as a category 5 hurricane. It hit a second time when it circled back and hit south central Louisiana as a category 3.

3. Hurricane Ike (2008) $29.5 billion 

Hurricane Ike was only a category 2 hurricane when it made landfall in central Texas but because of it's massive size it created a huge surge in water coming in from the Gulf of Mexico sending flood waters deep into Texas and Louisiana.

2. Hurricane Sandy (2012) $71.4 billion

Hurricane Sandy was another storm with a huge path of destruction mainly due to flooding. After picking up power in the Atlantic Ocean it turned into New York and New Jersey. Even Cleveland saw wind and rain damage after Sandy made it's way inland.

 1. Hurricane Katrina (2005) $108 billion 

Not a lot of people remember Katrina hit in Southern Florida first as a category 1 hurricane and then moved out into the Gulf of Mexico, picking up power, and then slamming into Louisiana as a category 5. Not only is Katrina the costliest hurricane, it is the costliest natural disaster in US history.

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